Ahmedabad Metro Express Link

Project Name: Preliminary Alignment Design & Review and Bid Preparation Services for Metro Express Link between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA), Gujarat, India.

Location: Ahmedabad

Project Description:
• Alignment Review for 17kms of Underground Metro Line.
• Construction of 14 Underground Metro Stations.
• Preliminary Alignment Drawings and Station Plans.
• Preparation of Tender Documents for RFP for UG Line.
• Tunnelling by NATM/TBM.
• Design and Build Contract.
• Complexity of tunnelling in densely populated old city of Ahmedabad.

Construction Cost: INR. 10700 Cr.

Project Highlights:
• Novel way of using a prototype station design to be used as broad blueprints for all stations prepared.
• Tender documents prepared within the framework of using the proto-type station.

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