DMRC Package CC-04

Tunnel Portion by TBM for Contract No-CC 04 of Delhi MRTS Project of Phase-III, Delhi Metro Corporation India

Delhi Metro Tunnel (TBM Tunnels)

New Delhi


Design & Construction of Tunnel by Shield TBM, Tunnel by Cut & Cover, Underground Station at Azadpur by Cut & Cover method & ramps at Mukundpur and Shalimatr Bagh for underground works on Mukundpur-Yamuna Vihar Corridor of Delhi MRTS Project of Phase III at Delhi. Contract N?: CC-04, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, India



Joint Venture

Omikron – Kappa Consulting S.A.

Construction Cost
  • Total cost: approx. 145 m. €

Project Description

Detail Design Services for revision in alignment and design of cross passages , Rescue Shafts as well as revalidation of works previously done by ex-DDC of Contractor.

Special Features

Mid Shaft “Gurudwara shaft wasn’t part of the original construction plan, but had to be constructed as two TBMs commissioned from Azadpur station towards Majlis Park, tasked with tunneling 1100m, got stuck mid-way in 2014. So , therefore 4 TBM’s has to be rescued from this shaft. As the mid shaft had to built with close proximity to the residential area, therefore special precautions had to be ensured in design keeping in view the safety of residential buildings.

  • Delhi Silt
Services by Indus Consultrans.
  • Revalidation of works already carried out by ex-DDC.
  • Design of Cross Passages & Associated Works
    Plan of advancement towards Mukundpur
    Realignment arising out of deviation in actual drive in Up drive.
  • Design of TBM tunnels , two rescue shafts cross passages , dewatering schemes and settlement analysis
  • Ground Improvement


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